Monday, July 25, 2016

Can We All Ever Really Get Along?

Nope, and here’s why…. 

I have no scientific proof or carefully compiled data that shows the more the entirety of the human race is forced to interact the greater the odds are that we can and will ALL get along eventually. On the flip side, I also have no scientific proof or carefully compiled data that shows the more the entirety of the human race is allowed to do their own damn thing, believe their own damn beliefs and go their own damn way the greater the odds are that all conflict will end.

All I have is my own sinking suspicion that the current social media climate of #peaceandlove, #letsallloveoneanother and #inclusionorbust is fueled more by a pseudo news industry that wants to stay relevant and funded into retirement than it is by truly loving people that really do want to buy the world a Coke and a smile.  (P.S., I underline certain phrases to make it clear this it is my opinion and a mix of satire because, ya know, people get hung up on “literally” everything!)

Don’t get me wrong!  I wish, wish, wish it was a simple matter of heart over profit and people really could all get along forever and ever but I’m realistic. Pain sells just like turmoil and rancor do so, if all was well with the world then what would CNN or Fox News or even pharmaceutical companies, for that matter, do? The 24/7 news cycle-need to self-diagnose addiction must be fed! Just another brick in the “them against us/us against them” wall that has existed inside all of us since birth. 

Here is some light reading on the topic for the sake of clarity and comparison:

Frustrating right? It’s like the desire to cram the world into one of those horrid “Get Along” shirts is purposely being trumped (see what I did there?) by not only our DNA but also the junkie-like need to continue highlighting the bad with a few little snippets of good in order to justify turning journalists and politicians into celebrities. The punching still goes on underneath that confining shirt, despite the faked smiles of contrition shown to Mom and Dad PC but, by golly, it’s still a ratings getter! And, it just may be hardwired into our human brains to stick with our own and work against those “unlike” us, but we won’t acknowledge that part will we?

My simple-minded approach is, instead of pretending to get along with everyone around us locally and globally we simply get on, super productively, with our own lives? Go, live, laugh, do your thing and don’t mess with another person’s thing…or do, if they are cool with it of course but, ask first! When we focus on making our own life the best it can be and less on forcing others to believe the way we do then real growth may actually happen. Less judgment, more accountability and more minding your own damn business. Join the circle! Let’s all sing!

So, why CAN’T we all get along?  Is it really too much to ask that differing people form a common bond, hold hands, sing together and be at peace? No, it isn’t too much to ask it just can’t always happen because of our freak-science makeup and nor should it, scientifically and simplistically speaking.

Dissent, disagreement and defiance make up the delightful alliteration that holds together this crazy world, just as it works to tear it apart. Lunacy right? Without differing styles, talents, mannerisms and temperaments, passion would die. If there is no passion left, no heated debates or fiery monologues then what’s the point? Friction creates energy right? And energy fuels passion, which in turn prompts creativity. No creativity = No Life. Understand?

And, just to be clear here, I am NOT talking about being cool with dangerous ideologues. That is NOT what this is about at all so don’t be jumping 500 steps ahead into the land of misinformed conclusions. I don’t want to see any comments like, “Oh, so you are saying I should just go about my business while terrorists roam the earth?”  No doomsday prepper, if you are the one adding those words to my dialogue then no, that isn’t what I said, it’s what you wish I had said just so you can start an argument. Psychological projection is a sad condition, look it up, there is help available. I still accept you though, even if I won’t be inviting you over for dinner. See how that works? I forgive you because you were just acting on a trait handed down to you from your ancestors.

Anyway, I often hear the easily frustrated say flippant things like, “I wish everyone was just like me and then the world would be a better place.”  Would it really? I adore people who are vastly different from me and the thought of being trapped in a room, or world, full of other easily distracted, and concentration challenged people just like me would be soul-smothering.

I get some of my best ideas from watching and listening to people from very different backgrounds. It’s research along with free entertainment!  Besides, if, by some bizarre stroke of happenstance, we wake up some morning and everyone looks and acts alike my best guess would be that in short order some contrived grievance would be created to get conflict growing again. Ain’t no party like a grudge building party!

In conclusion, can we all get along? Maybe, but the real question for me is, do we really want to? Human beings live to promote and support their own well-being and we are programmed to see threats to our way of life around every corner. Granted, there aren’t any Smilodon (that’s a sabretooth tiger folks) but maybe, just maybe, the new threats, those advertised and promoted by the new Media Smilodon, are now painted on our modern cave walls (television) to instill fear and foster control just like was done in 38,000 BCE.

Science is a real bitch huh?  For those that believe in it anyway. If you don’t then carry on….this cave painting isn’t for you. Peace!

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