Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This is my land of reverie...

Let me introduce you to the idea of reverie: Definition of "reverie": to daydream...except I do it in a much more awesome manner and not always during the day. The act of reverie includes short daytime jaunts into the world of fancy but at night, her cousin REM can make things take a different turn. Reoccurring dreams can be confusing, bizarre or even frightening. Let's stick with the day trips darlings shall we?


As a form of personal introduction you can call me Reverie and here is a little background:

When I was fourteen, I read Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray numerous times over the course of one summer. The words drew me in, lifted me up, and released me from the straight jacket of DNA dysfunction I experienced while outside of their spell. Six hundred and seventeen pages documenting a world I had never been formally introduced to but had stumbled upon, quite by accident, in the discard box at the local library. I longed to be able to create snapshots with words just as Thackeray had and diligently scrawled my pain and fourteen-year-old desires, such as they were, in dozens of college-rule notebooks. To be the author of my very own “Novel Without A Hero” felt so close to me that I could feel the warm breath of literary success brush my cheek to deposit the words, “It will come true,” in my ear.
This is why I write and why I believe in the power of dreams.
Lovingly yours,

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Reminder about stealing the creative work of another: It makes you a douche bag of the worst sort.

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